©2019 Maryland Trans Resilience Conference

The Baltimore Transgender Alliance, Trans Healthcare Maryland, and CLEAR Baltimore are partnering with local trans community to launch the Maryland Trans Resilience Conference, an annual trans-led, trans-focused gathering to foster connection, healing, and education. The conference includes workshops, panel discussions, wellness, art, resource tables, and more, all within a social, trans-affirming environment.

Although Maryland is ahead of other states in regard to legal protections, recognition, and healthcare, there are challenges in accessibility to affirming care for those individuals not living in a metropolitan area. The marginalization of Black trans women has created a disproportionate incidence of violence. It is our intent to empower trans communities of color while putting special emphasis on communities whom have been historically marginalized.

The 2015 US Trans Survey (National Center for Transgender Equality, 2015), the largest nation-wide study of trans people ever conducted at that time, acknowledges a higher prevalence of inequalities for Black trans people. Historically Black people have been able to withstand and overcome the systemic barriers threatening their existence while exemplifying the tenacity to dream. That resilience has been our motivation to organize this inaugural gathering following in the footsteps of Marsha P. Johnson and Miss Major Griffin-Gracy.

If you need an interpreter or have questions about accommodations, please contact us at MDTransResilience@gmail.com.